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Andrew Grieve

Andrew Grieve

Professional Accountant (SA), Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)

Andrew grew up and attended school in Cape Town and furthered his education at the University of Cape Town, where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in both Financial Accounting and Information Systems, graduating in 1994. He went on to qualify as a practicing member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) in 1999.

It was around that point in time when he decided to further his knowledge and career by moving to London, where he worked in various positions in the finance teams of Barclays Bank PLC and Deutsche Bank AG, amongst others. He finally settled down back in Cape Town in 2012, after gaining extensive and invaluable UK knowledge and experience in the accounting and banking sectors.

Andrew is generally an outdoors person, with his biggest passion being surfing, as well as kiteboarding, and a bit of mountain biking. However, he also has an introverted side, and turns the pages to a lot of books during most evenings. We think that he secretly wants to know everything about everything!

Gareth Lombard

Gareth Lombard

General Tax Practitioner (SA)

Gareth studied at Cape College- School of Business Management and completed the N6 Financial Management in 1998, during which time he always worked afternoons and holidays assisting the finance departments of various companies in part time work, which helped support himself.

After studies, Gareth ventured to the UK where he completed various contracts in the financial sector and his most notable employment was for Ernst & Young – Global Employment Solutions Finance department for a period of 18 months. With the invaluable UK experience’s that was achieved Gareth travelled back to South Africa in November 2003.

After returning to South Africa, Gareth took up full time employment as the Accountant at the British Consulate General Cape Town, which was a position held until December 2005 before deciding on pursing his own personal business ventures.
Gareth is an active person and passionate about fitness and Martial Arts. Part of his Martial Arts journey is teaching others and this ranges from kids to adults, so in his spare time you will find him teaching and training at the gym.

Carien Gerber

Carien Gerber

Cape Town (Head Office)

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